Take It to the Lord


Whatever the conflict
or confusion, take the
situation to the Divine
Consciousness asking for
help in restoring balance
and compassion to the
situation. Consistently
seek this guidance when
negative thoughts and
actions disrupt your serenity.
“Ask and you shall receive” is the
promise–fulfilled again and again.


  1. Today I am asking for help on how to free space in my WP Program so I am free to blog with photos again. The Spirit said, “Ask your WP friends.” So that’s what I posted. I do believe the Source sources out on occasion, don’t you?

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  2. You have a beautiful talent ! Thank you for sharing ! I too feel that, when in distress, a Divine Power “has my back” and all I have to do is “ask and receive”… always saying “Thank you” in advance. Time and again I am in awe of the results.
    It’s hard to explain the feeling I get when I write my thoughts down in my blog: nijolels.wordpress.com. I just feel inspired and suddenly able to express clearly without double-guessing my words. I truly think that there is a spiritual force that guides me…and I’m able to tell the difference between forcing thoughts into writings and the natural wave of thoughts that comes over me.


    • Yes, I am sure you are tapping Source…just letting this beautiful energy manifest as It does in so many ways when we open to It. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am sure many people can do this but never talk about it or do not understand it. hugs, pat


    • As I write, I go very still inside, place my intention to allow Source to manifest through me, and then open to allow thoughts to come. As they do, I write them without question, without thinking about them or editing them. Once the poem is complete, I have a sense of closure and only then will go back and reread, correcting spelling, words left out because the poem came so quickly. I then move to the next poem, spending only a few moments with each one. If your intention is clear, you will be guided in what to write. Let me know if this helps. hugs, pat


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