Rainforest News # 154

4 x 4 — Bee

Be like the bee
Cross pollinate with love
Every person you meet
Dust them with sweetness

The blink of an eye
She appeared, then was gone
Imagination or “real?”
Spirit laughs, speaks, disappears
Leaving me reassured and loved


4 x 4 — Messengers

Pay attention to threes
They bring you messages
Ignore to your peril
Gifts from our Creator


Quote of the Day

To a poet, silence is an acceptable response, even a flattering one.
– Colet


Pat’s Ponderings

Indigenous cultures have strong connections to nature’s spirits. Living by the floresta has removed the blindfold imposed by “modern ways.” As I open to receive, I am given. Why do we assume scientists are superior to shamans and tribal wise ones?



Children’s Wisdom

Today I hid the remote control to my little brother’s computer game. When I told him I would give it back when he gives me back my underwear, he laughed and went outside to play on the swing. Mommy just smiled when I told her.


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