Poor Companion


I reject everyone
before they can cast me away.
The pain of loneliness preferred
to disappointed love.

Days turn to years
broken pieces begin to mend.
Will I someday love again
or choose self-pity
for a companion?


  1. this is something I combat everyday.. the desire to stay in my little world in the middle of nowhere…there are days when I have to force myself.. to trek out of the back woods into the rest of the world…


  2. If you’re lovable, love will always come your way. And some function better on their own… They usually know, when you can’t take your eyes off them and want to take out their garbage…


    • love your definition of love. As I live in the floresta where there is no garbage pickup, a man who wanted to dispose of my garbage would definitely win points. lol, hugs, pat


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