Alive Again

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war children1 War Dead Honored On Memorial Day Weekend Flower Offerings on Earthquake Rubble war

I live in an area of
butterflies and humming
birds, toucans flashing
brightly colored beaks
monkeys in the bamboo
flowers blooming year round.

Others live in war-torn
cities with facades blown
away, children dying of
hunger, rivers polluted
fish rotting on beaches.

I am grateful for the blessing
heaped upon me — so very
grateful. Yet, I wonder why
I have all of this when so
many are in such despair.

It is not enough to write
a check for the real giving
comes from giving ourselves.
Ask yourself, “What can I do
to help my brothers and sisters?
To restore the balance of nature?”
Give, then give, then give again
of your heart, your time, your
abundance. The more we give, the
closer we draw to our Creator
who bestows without ceasing.


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