Accepting Forgiveness

When we ask God with a pure intention, to forgive us for a wrong doing we have done (and the resolve in the future to not do this again) God forgives us. Completely.

Are we able to forgive so absolutely? Others and ourselves? Often we are not as before long that resentment creeps in, even though we thought we had forgiven the deed. And when forgiving ourselves, the guilt lingers, often for years eating away little pieces of our soul. So the question is asked: How can I be sure I have truly forgiven in this situation? First we have to believe that God really has forgiven us. Seems simple, but it is more complex. As we go though this series, you will see how God has helped us by having a plan for how to grow to this understanding, one step at a time.

Below are some poems on forgiveness to help you think more about it in your life. Think about what Forgiveness means to you. And come back for more insight in this important aspect of life.

Incomplete Forgiveness

Incomplete forgiveness
rots the soul
harboring resentments
which sours one’s life.

Words of forgiveness
must be followed by action.
One’s heart then needs to
concord with one’s words and action
or reconciliation is impossible.

Forgive each other
and one’s self.
Know we all make mistakes
and should allow love
to wash away these conflicts
leaving no trace of resentment
to fester within.

Compassionate Forgiveness

Forgiveness without forgetting
is not forgiveness at all
not even one grain of resentment
lingers when forgiveness is complete.

is the root
of forgiveness.

True Forgiveness

True forgiveness
has no memory
only compassion
and a willingness
to love

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