Turtle Walk

turtle pace
throughout the day
opens the most
of growth


Closeup of turtle eggs deposited by a female s...
Closeup of turtle eggs deposited by a female snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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  1. day before yesterday I was walking down the road and realized that I had neither my watch nor my mobile on me. There was no way for me to tell time. And then I thought how wonderful it would be to live without the concept of hours, minutes and seconds. Just use nature and follow our biological watch to time our activities. It might be the key to physical and spiritual health.


    • Ah, dear friend, you made a lovely discovery. Next, throw away your calendar and appointment book. You will discover many things that you are missing now. One of them is the flexibility of time. We can change time with our intention, i.e., stretch it or shrink it. When you think you are “late,” envision yourself arriving with time to spare. When a task seems endless, e.g., driving home late at night, envision the journey taking only a few minutes. You will be amazed at the power we have to affect this illusion we call “time.” Now that I do not have to live by someone else’s schedule, the whole world is taking on an unfolding that I could not perceive before. Thank you for sharing this experience…great lesson for us all. hugs, pat


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