Pat`s Ponderings — Know Thy Truth

How can we know if something is “true” or not? After exploring many writings about conspiracies, Dark Forces, Illuminati, New Age ideas, religions, philosophies, shamanism, Kaballah, teaching plants, etc. I am left spinning.

I do not trust my innate discernment for I have been fooled before. I no longer blindly believe the sacred cows of society, so what is left?

Is there any truth that is unchangeable? “Provable?” And before you quote what you have been taught, stop and consider what is “core true” for you. Is there anything that is unshakably true for you that is based on your own knowing?

When I really thought about this and sifted through litanies of “truth,” I realized that I do have an unshakable truth that comes from the heart and not from other people.

My truth is that our Creator exists and is a Divine Matrix of pure love energy. My truth has shown me that I am from the Creator, here to learn how to give and receive unconditional love.

Just this.

Do you know what is your truth?’


  1. Great post, great comments!
    I guess that is what it comes to every single time. Personal experience indeed. We can read about other people walking the path, or techniques they used, but we will never know what is water by just going around the lake.

    “I can only show you the path; to do it is totally up to you.” -Buddha


  2. great words, Pat.
    My truth is that in my spiritual journey, there is no destination. The journey itself is my desination and I must continue traveling on this path without the illusion that someday I will reach a final destination. The truth for me is this journey, and in it lies enlightenment and true bliss.Keep Walking…


    • Keep walking, indeed. Wonder why we have always wanted an end. I always feel disappointed when I finish a book I love. On the other hand, when one feels lost and bewildered by life, only the idea of a happy ending makes it seem worth the struggle. Keep walking but in the Light rather than the path of sorrow. We have that choice. hugs, pat


  3. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    I only trust what I experience

    I beleive what I have been taught, based in probability and in context.

    I never used to beleive in government conspiracies….but I do now.

    again. experience is what I trust.

    everything else is a matter of possibility and probability.


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