Snippets from Source #125

“I forgive you,” and “Thank you,”
are so hard for people to say
but the results is magical.

Do not lose an opportunity to
say, “Thank you” for gratitude
is the key to expanded consciousness.

Say “I forgive you” again and again
until you no longer need to say it
because you no longer judge others
but rather see the Oneness of All.

But, hey! You know this already, don’t you!

Source Giving to Source


    • Asbolutely. If one is insincere, it only compounds the problem. But it is deadly to hang on to resentment. Nothing stops our spiritual growth as quickly as an inability to forgive. Of course, ultimately when we stop judging each other and just accept that we are all just doing the best we can at the moment, we then are in a space of unconditional love. hugs, pat


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