Organic matter—egg shells, coffee grounds,
leaves, grass trimmings, ashes, layered
and watered, become rich soil.
Why do we buy fertilizer
when nature so abundantly provides?

What else is Mother Earth
trying to teach us that we
refuse to see? Look, listen,
stay open to receive.
Nature gives Ph.D.s!


    • Don’t compost meat, bones. etc. Stick to plant materials. If you want to put egg shells, wash them first. All kitchen scraps from veggies, plant material from the yard (nothing with seeds) like leaves, grass without seeds, unprocessed hair, etc. You can use a compost tumbler which is a plastic container, lidded and on a stand that allows you to easily turn. You can use mesh fencing, also. Good luck…it is worth the effort. YouTube has several good videos on it. hugs, pat

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    • I am on a compost campaign. It is absurd that I buy….at a very high price….cow and chicken droppings (????) when I have a forest and yard full of compost material. I have had an ongoing “discussion” with the gardener who just does not get the idea of compost. Now I am “Chief of the Compost” so will make lovely mountains of it and prove my point. I keep pointing out that I do not have an organic garden if we use chemical laden animal poop! Guess my translation of poop to Portuguese isn’t correct because he still doesn’t get it. lol Thanks for your visits and always appreciated comments. hugs, pat


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