Making It Fit

“When we understand that all Beings and events exist for the Divine purpose of encouraging us to seek peace within, then we’ll see that all, in fact, is serving the Divine, and therefore All is Divine.”


Somehow, I want all the pieces to
come together and form a picture
I understand. The question of
duality continues to baffle me.
Round and round I go like this:

Source creates all, giving us free
will…thus we need choices…enter
Duality. At the same time, we are a
perfect hologram of Source, yet need
to learn how to love unconditionally–
another paradox.

While I understand that we should not
judge as we are not able to see the
whole picture, I find it difficult to
see that horrific actions are part of
a Divine plan to force us to go within to
know our connection to Source. Did God
have a boring day and so created this mess
called Life? Oh, I can see you lining up to
tell me that it was man who made the mess, and
I can agree with that but we are made of God.
See how I get lost?

So, when I get to this point, I just go
outside and play in my sandbox and pee in
the dirt and let the philosophers figure
it out. Life gets simple when I let it.
Wanna’ piece of bubble gum?


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