Fear of Failure

Falling on your face
is sometimes a vital part
of your learning process. If
you have not failed, you
haven’t tried. Creativity
grows with courage. Just
let go, throw away your
need for perfection. Learn
what works and what does not.
Fear stifles; success brings
more success. Go for it!


  1. well, I just failed to succeed in a highs stakes battle

    but I think I succeeded just for having fought an honest and clean fight

    that the other side cheated and lied to win

    so really, no matter what the legal decision was

    the ethical victory is mine


    • so the perception of failure is really about what measurables you look at

      and as long as you try and dust yourself off and get back up again

      you still win and you can win over time, because learning from setbacks is a win and victory all on it’s own.


  2. This is my biggest downfall…fear of failure and need for perfection from the start…
    Your poem is very meaningful to me.
    Thank you,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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