Knights of the Round Table
held honor in high esteem.
How is it that we find the
idea outmoded if
we think of it at all?

Do we have a standard
of honor today?
How do you define it
in your life? Do you
have an unbendable
standard of honor?

Honor, integrity in one’s beliefs,
respect for one’s self and others.
Code of Honor — principles established
by a community depend on people
being trusted to act honorably.

This raises many questions
as the world merges,
yet we still can examine
our own lives and ask,
Am I a person of honor?


    • It is interesting that we so seldom discuss honor. It seems a bit antiquated for today’s “sophisticated” people. I am all for revisiting some of the ancient values of our ancestors that we have discarded somehow. Thanks for you comments, as always, Sam. hugs, pat


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