Not Another Love Poem!

We could fill a library
with all the tales of love.
We chase it, long for it
weep for love betrayed or lost.

But, what exactly is love?
That’s easy, you say.
Everyone knows what love is.
It’s….ummmm…an emotion!
Something only people have?
Well…no. It’s hard to describe
but I sure know when I’ve got it!

Elusive, powerful, healing
yes, but does it exist within
or without? What is its
Source–our own needs
or some Force too large
for us to understand?

Are there limits to love?
Is it free energy that we
lock into a shape to fit
our desires? Why do we love
what we can not have?

It is very “in” these days
to talk about Light and Love.
What exactly are they?
Are they the same?
From the same Source?

Can the Dark experience
love, and if so, does
this mean the Dark is
not totally dark?
Does Dark exist
outside of man? Does love?

Stop, stop! you cry.
You are ruining Love
with all your questions!
Ah, love is fragile
broken with a question?

No, love is not fragile
nor is it limited.
Love is not conditional.
It is an all encompassing
Force that, to manifest it
we must feel it, yet
you know, at times
this is the hardest thing to do.

How important is love?
It comes in many flavors
and experiences as we open
to give and receive love.
It touches us in ways
that never leave us.
Viva Love!


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