No Limitations

What limitations
are you embracing
that keeps your soul

Faith in our Creator of All 
unleashes your soul
to soar beyond your dreams
free of all that keeps you 
from understanding
how precious you are
to He who created you.

Faith is often a decision 
to believe rather than 
a hopeful feeling.

Won't you choose to believe
and receive forgiveness 
and eternal life?

Pat’s Ponderings

While I am being led to offer more Christian content on this blog, I also want to keep the blog open to all who may not be Christian but who need inspiration, consolation, and hope. As this blog is read by many people from other religions, or no religion, my hope is that the messages will touch your heart and help you in ways that our Creator knows you need. Any feedback you would care to give, will be gratefully received. Hugs to each of you and may God continue to guide you in these troubled times. ❤

One comment

  1. Good for you for sharing and embracing your religion. I have been told that when I dwell too much on Jesus and Christianity that I alienate those who have other beliefs. My prayer is that the Truth and beauty of our belief system transcends divisiveness and instead opens hearts with curiosity and an understanding of the power of love to overcome our different ways of loving and living and believing.


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