False Sense of Self

Am I wonderful or terrible,
or somewhere in between?
How is it that I do not have
a true sense of me? Do I think
of myself as others say I am,
or as society says I must be?
How can I be confused about
who is really me?


  1. These same things have crossed my mind many times and I still wonder sometimes. I was so confused but now I have a sense of purpose. I’m created in to image of my father who is Glorious and Majestic. I have an identity that I am proud of and I hope to be all that I was created to be!


  2. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    We are the only ones who are in a position to know what we are

    we alone decide on lines and crossing them

    we alone know what we could but do not do

    we alone know what we do and how much more or bigger or better or fairer it could be

    we alone know
    when we put ourselves first
    or someone else
    or some others or most or a few others
    or all or none

    only we can know what interests we serve and what we are willing to protect and project into the world

    but unless one leads an examined life
    of curiosity and compassion

    then you really can’t know yourself, because all you are is trying to emulate other things or people or ideas that tell you what you should be
    without any consideration of you as a person, but just because of the groups you might identify with and belong to to some order of magnitude

    believing in yourself as the expert of you, is the first step to being the expert and best you that you can be


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