Words that Rhyme

Rhyming words delight:
snakes bake cakes by the lake,
pretty poetry pouring past.
I seldom write poetry that rhymes,
though I love tongue twisters and
well penned rhymes, word play of all
kinds, puns, crossword puzzles,
games like Scrabble.

Words like notes on my piano form
melodies sweet, discordant, or
harmonious, depending on the
composer/writer. What will I choose
today, words and music to delight,
or fractured sounds of my own inner
turmoil? One must be serene to
compose themes of serenity, yet
calm sunsets on still lakes are only the
counter balance to nature’s storms.

Thunderous rhapsodies, lilting
waltzes, adventure sagas and happy-ever-after
tales, all are woven into life to form a
harmonious and exciting field of
ever expanding universes.


  1. Reblogged this on Nina's Garden and commented:
    This poem really captures the delights of being a writer

    and reading it, it’s funny to me to realize that as much as I delight in writing, turning a phrase, quotablity and pithy puns, I have never really been as playful with words as to enjoy word games and I think being playful with anything should be the way of the day


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