Saying “I´m Sorry”

“I was wrong.”
“I’m sorry.”
How powerful are
these words; how
stingy and cruel
are we to hold
them back, leaving
another battered in
our wake. What is it
that makes some people
unable to apologize:
lack of humility, self-
righteousness, fear of
not being perfect?

“I’m sorry, please
forgive me, I love you,”
are portals to the hearts
of all. When we say this
with sincerity, choirs
of angels sing, flowers
stand taller, and the
pain we caused melts away.


  1. What a joy to see Kelsey on your webpage!!! prayer baby photo, from 19 years ago!!!
    LOVE THE MESSAGE ALSO. Kelsey is now 19 and an identical twin (other twin Katie).
    **The photo I describe as ‘orchestrated by God’ as she held the pose for over a minute in a frozen-like state until the J.C. Penny photographer ran back to get her camera and caught the shot. Kelsey had just kicked off her booties and lovely hair ribbon as 9 month old babies will do, and then suddenly froze and lifted her hands then chin up into perfect pose. The photo has been shared around the world for 19 years. We are please it has blessed you – AMEN!
    Today Kelsey is serving at Youth With A Mission
    *****PLEASE PRAY for our family***** – you can find Kelsey’s mother(1st ordained minister ‘Lady’ in UK Parliament & American married to a British Lord in 110 years) – instagram: ladytaylorofwarwick

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    • How generous of you to share the history of this beautiful picture and your family. Thank-you so much for your generosity for truly this child is full of Light. May our Creator bless and keep each of your days full of peace, love and laughter. hugs, pat ❤


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