Who I Am

I wrote this poem while listening to this wonderful sacred music. Reading the poem as the music plays to experience the fullness of the peace I felt.


I walk the sacred path in silence
allowing the healing energy of
Mother Earth to fill me, heal me.
I walk the sacred path in honor,
in hope, in faith that I am bathed
in the light of Mother Moon who fills
me with love and a quiet knowing that
all is as it must be.  My tears of
gratitude fall as dew drops in the
early morning light. I am peace,
I am joy, I am love, I am my brothers
and sisters, animals in the wild,
the smallest flower that greets the day.
I am You, our Creator.


  1. Stunning, Pat … Source is keeping you very prolific with messages and hidden treasures for us to glean! Thank you for staying on the path and shining as a bright beacon to awareness and transformation! xoxo bb


    • BB, Source has given me a Source of Inspiration. I am learning so much from these poems and feel blessed to receive such an abundance of them each day. Hope all is well with you. hugs, pat


  2. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    thank you Pat
    thank you very much

    for sharing that peace with anyone who can sit still long enough to really experience the music and text


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