Sink the Boat

baby woth puppies

My lifeboat is too full
yet more cry for help.
One is a robber who wants
to steal the boat and cast
all into the water. The
other is a child, untainted
by life. Who should I rescue?

Both? The robber has the seed
of God dormant in his heart.
The child has yet to live.

Neither for surely the boat
will capsize and no one will
live. Close your ears and heart
to their pleas for mercy.

Pull only the child from the
icy waters, let the robber go to
his watery grave. Let his mother
weep at your lack of mercy.

How can I decide? Murder one,
save another, or perhaps all
of us will perish.

Sometimes the choices are poor
solutions, yet we must decide,
then learn the lesson that is
offered. That is just the way
life is, my friends.


  1. that’s the sort of situation where if you think about it too long

    it’s too late

    the real tragedy of the Titanic is that too many of the first life boats launched, were not even half full


    • the rules of search and rescue is to save who you can without endangering yourself or becoming one of those in need of rescue

      it’s not about picking and choosing, but who you can reach and extract


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