Moment of Ingratitude


Sometimes I forget
how blessed I am
and whine about
something soon
forgotten. That
moment of ingratitude
blocks the light
of love, leaving me
in shadows of self-pity.

Foolish me who lets a
passing woe spoil even
one second of this
beautiful life
bestowed upon me.


  1. Rainbow Lorikeets, my favourite birds, are a measure of beauty – what a wonderful pic – i remember them from my days in sydney – thanks, indeed if we ever cared to look around we would find that we are probably in a small minority to be even able to indulge our thoughts in relative comfort – when the pain of want, instability, acrimony, atrocity, injustice and hopelessness are all around – gratitude is so right – for the opportunity first to be human (in this birth) and experience intelligence and self awareness like no other organic or inorganic entity can, and then to be able to do that without severe disabilities and deprivations. Thanks for reminding of this most important obligation, and courtesy to one who enabled it and to our fellows who helped.


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