Lost Letters

love letters

Email has done away
with scented letters;
smiley faces have
replaced pressed flowers
carefully glued to corners
of sweet notes. Where
are the stacks of love letters
tied with a purple ribbon
to be reread on a rainy day?

The Internet connects us in
ways unthought of in my youth,
yet I miss giving and receiving
letters penned in love, words
carefully spelled out in full,
showing someone cared enough
to take the time to write me
on pretty paper, embossed with
their love, and delivered by
hand to be read in the garden
on a summer day.


  1. Incredibly beautiful poem. I miss the days when love correspondence was expressed in letters written by hand with roses tucked into the corners of envelopes. Oh well… at least we remember the days when we did wooing that way! Love and blessings. Michele


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