77 Going on 40

How can my body be 77 and my soul be forty? Wrinkles, sags, aches abound. But the soul soars! I love to learn, do, be, and love. What a gift life is at this age. What a golden secret “old age” is as one never really gets old unless one has been that way their whole life. My paternal grandmother was always old. My mom’s mother died at ninety and was still viewing the world with childlike wonder. What made the difference? Both had hard lives. Why do I feel so blessed at this age? And so many of my peers whine and suffer? My wise sister said to me, “pain is, but suffering is optional.” It took me many years to understand what she meant. We all have pain in our lives but how we deal with it depends on how much we suffer.

Today I celebrate life, even in the midst of a pandemic, world of corruption, political upheaval, etc. I treasure each day, each sunset, each morning kisses from my dog, laughter with friends, even tears with them, too. Yet, I would leave in a heartbeat with no regrets for I know how the story ends. I know a peace I never thought possible, experience true joy often, and have put aside all fear. What more could I ask. So, Happy Birthday, Pat! Have a piece of chocolate cake, spend time with friends, and rejoice in a life well-lived. There is more to come!


  1. Happy Birthday Pat Aunty !! Wish you the very best.. Feel blessed to know you.. Your thoughts and wisdom and poetry keeps nourishing your reader’s soul adding years to our life too..!!



  2. Happy Birthday Pat. I wish you many more! PS great black and white photo. And such a lovely view out the window. I hope you were going somewhere fun. You look very happy.


    • Yes, it was my 16th birthday. The view behind me is our patio and pool area. I was very happy that day for the 16th birthday is a big celebration in my family. My mother made the dress for me so it was special. hugs, pat


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