Age of Possibilities


Stories of magic delight,
their under-currents of
evil thrill. What if we
could shape-change, heal
or kill with caldrons of
potions, fly, disappear,
stop foes with invisible
walls? What if all the
fantasy and science
fiction were our reality?

I have arrived at an age
of possiblitiy. Frankly,
Harry Potter tales do not
seem less likely than much
of our “news” reporting or
politician promises.

I wonder why we accept so
many scientific “proofs”
as valid, without question,
or see with blind eyes,
what is happening around the
world–the destruction of our planet.


  1. it;’s funny you touch on this Pat.

    I had an experience that seemed right out of Harry Potter last year. I had been taken to the emergency department of a hospital and sat for hours after I had begged them to admit me.

    I remember an odd gentlemen muttering to himself about ones and zeros

    I looked at him and finally he looked at me and said

    I see a one

    It felt a lot like Harry in his muggle days of being recognized by the magic folks


  2. There’s a lot of bleach in my water. Unfortunately, I have to run it for 5 minutes before I even filter it… The planet is slowly being poisoned.


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