Question for God #1



I lie in a hammock reading
a well-loved book. In other
parts of the world, people
die from hunger or treachery;
suffering abounds. How is it
that some have such an idyllic
life when others do not?


  1. Answer: If everyone was starving,…you’d all be having that experience,…if everyone was reading a book,’d all be having that experience. Obviously the world can not function if everyone is having exactly the same experience, at the same time. You see inequity in the plan, meaning you lack trust in the plan. Trust that if all people are to eventually reach the same level of consciousness, then they will all have to experience the same things,….sooner or later. So read your book guilt free, because you may already have experienced what other people are going through,…now it’s their turn.
    Hugs to you Pat


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