Question for God #5


Are there beings without souls?


      • Can’t have a soul without a body. Yes I have met one who had no light. This person continuously tried to convert me to the dark side. I could not be swayed. I was a tree planted by the water and I was not moved. He also recognized who I am. I was reminded of the scripture I have authority over scorpions, serpents, and all powers of darkness. Luke 10:19


  1. soul is something which motivates you, urges you, inspires you, – the core of ones being – therefore every being must have a core, a soul. the soul of gold is its atomic structure that gives it its golden nature, likewise all elements and structures – when their soul leaves them they disintegrate into a strucreless mass, till a soul force combines them again into a structure with features, shape , form and purpose. – at least that is what the word ‘soul’ implies to me – soul then is god’s purpose in the animate and inanimate world – when that Soul touches chaotic mass it assumes an intended form and purpose.


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