I Dreamt

I dreamt the world is dying,
no cure for what ails us.
Like the honey bees, we are
moving to extinction, fast
tract to obliteration.

Then I woke up and found
it was only a dream,
unless, of course, it was
a vision of that which is to come.

Dream, prophecy, warning,
wake-up, brothers and sisters.
Don’t let this dream come true.


  1. sorry

    it’s not a dream

    we are over popping and polluting the world

    maybe other things can adapt

    humans are demonstrating we’ve lost adaptability and survival instincts


  2. i too had this dream, where a world developed and true love had no part to play, where the truth was hidden, and change was forced on people, not by choice, not unlike the madness of today, so don’t give up trying, be light when others are dark, and prepare for surprises


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