Pat’s Ponderings — More Injustice


I recently read an article about the increasing problem of children being stolen and sold into sexual slavery. As appalling an idea as this, for it seems the pinnacle of greed and total disregard for another, what followed was even more disturbing. The article went on to say that when these sexual slavery rings were discovered, the perpetrators were jailed…and so were the children who were charged with prostitution! As shocked as I was, I know that there are many instances where the victim of sexual crimes is treated abominably, e.g., rape victims. What kind of society punishes victims of another’s criminal action? What does this say about our cultural compassion, or lack thereof? How can we allow this to continue and still call ourselves civilized? Why is evil allowed to rule?


  1. Evil rules either coz of bribery or neglection 😦 Sad to say this

    On 03-Sep-2013, at 9:01 PM, Source of Inspiration wrote:

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  2. About 4 years ago, the news of UN aid workers exchanging food for sex with children was one of the beginning of the end for me

    in most nations, childhood is a western indulgent concept and children are commodities to be mass produced so that some will live to adulthood to support you if you make it


  3. You might be interested in learning about the International Justice Mission. Our family has supported them in small ways over the years. There mission is to address these type of scenerios and see that children and the oppressed are advocated for, and treated justly…etc. They have changed many lives for the better.


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