Personal Rain Cloud

rain cloud corm

There is a cloud of
rain above her head;
all day long it pours
on her while the sun
shines on everyone else.
She has only to step away
from this cloud to be dry
and warmed by the sun, yet
she lingers beneath the
cloud, unable to see,
unwilling to change, a
prisoner of her own making.


  1. What about the people who suffer from mental illness that mean a black cloud follows them around. Its somewhat naiver and simplifies the situation to imply that they have the ability to step out of that cloud.


    • I think, Sian, that these poems are meant for people in general so there will be people who do not fit in this generalization. But there are people who use their sorrows and illnesses to manipulate and control. They are miserable even when everything in their lives are good. I expect these are the people the poem refers to. Thanks for your comment. Mental illness is real, often spiritual at its base even when there are physical reasons for it as well. Its victims suffer so much and we must be as patient and loving to them as we can be. hugs, pat


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