Force of Nature


The force of nature
holds me in awe. Paths
are quickly lost in
tangles of vines, whole
cities covered with
unstoppable vegetation.
Pastures and fields
quickly reclaimed.
Growing, living,
breathing organism,
each plant, insect,
animal a cell in the
body of our Mother.

How is it that we can
not see that we, too,
are part of her body?

Would my hand puncture
my eye, the other pass
a cup of poison to my
lips? How foolish are
we to self-mutilate that
which gives us life,
leaving spoiled land,
polluted waters, death
of cells that make the whole.

Join me, dear brothers
and sisters, lets clean
up our beautiful Earth,
feed the children and
give praise to the
Mother Divine who
loves us all.


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