Rhythms of Life


We are all subject to
rhythms of high and lows.
During our “lows,” the
flow of Divine Source
into our lives has lessened
dropping the frequencies of
vibration of our consciousness.
To alleviate these dark periods,
we must not allow ourselves to
wallow in self-pity or lash
out at others. Instead, we must
immediately do that which can
once again lift our spirits onto
the elevated path of higher
consciousness. And so it is, now
and forever more. Amen.


  1. This 2021 already has had its share of highs and lows … a little like a bucking bronco. I hope it settles into a smooth trot before we all get bucked off!


    • How special is our life and how often we get trapped into thinking only about problems without seeing the wonderful opportunities they bring us to grow in patience, compassion and love. Have a blessed New Year. hugs, pat

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    • Wise and insightful words. Perfection was a sack I lugged for many years and am happy to report that I laid it down. “Good enough” has become my guideline. Life is good! hugs, pat


    • It is the astounding Pieta. I thought it was housed in Rome but I am not sure. I was able to see it, as well as the famous, David, and both experiences brought tears to my eyes from the sheer wonder and beauty of them. hugs, pat


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