Rainforest News #157

can signal
self respect, dignity.
Be the unique you.
Have pride without
having any


Quack like a duck
Fill your life with good luck
Create with your mind
And a rainbow, you’ll find!


There once was a owl very wise
He gazed at the world with big eyes
We thought he knew all
Off the branch he did fall
In the end, he’s just one of the guys!


Quote of the Day

Everyone smiles in the same language!


Pat’s Pondering

In the still of the night, I awaken and lie snuggled under my covers. At this hour, I can not pretend that life is like it once was painted. Visions of Beings creating crop circles containing keys to understanding fill my head. I wonder who is creating them and what must we do to understand these complex and beautiful designs. My house of cards has fallen down. Has yours?


Children’s Wisdom

I’m building a little boat and ask Mommy if I could have her fruit basket. I’m going to float my little sister down the river when she comes.


  1. The crops circles are really trying to give us messages aren’t they! They’re more and more intircate every year. And they seem to be starting to tell a stroy in them for us to comprehend.
    I saw footage that someone took in England in the middle of the night with night vision lens. It was light a light orb flying at tremendous speeds over a field zooming in skimming it then back into the air. Amazing. I admit the simple ones are those done by students and others for pranks but, the intricacies of the patterns alone, would take days to work out, let alone to do in the pitch dark.
    Yes, they are trying to trach or, give us messages and we are jut not ‘awake’ enough yet to understand them but, we will. Great entry, loved the poor owl…Lol


    • How interesting about the light orb. We are seeing more and more of them in photo here. A friend sent me a pictures that had many orbs in it with different colors. It will be interesting to learn what they really are. Having grown up in the US, I bought the story that life beyond Earth did not exist until saw the crop circles. Then the house of cards came tumbling down as I entertained the idea of other life forms, dimensions, realities, etc. Now I believe in the possibility of almost everything! 🙂 Hugs, pat


    • I am very interested in that topic too, as I told Pat down below. Do you have any memory of what that footage was that you saw? I would love to see it too, and to recommend it to other people as well who feel there is something more to those Crop Circles than pranks!


  2. Do you know that it is just now the period of the year when in England the Crop Circles appear in the crops, most often during the night? Since when do you have those visions?
    Almost ten years ago, I went for the first time to England, especially to see the crop-circles – and wasn’t disappointed. I’m glad you too have an inner connection with them. Do you think in this case it’s the same beings that invited you ‘beyond’ in the OBE you described recently?


    • I am laughing because you ask such complicated questions. I only learned about crop circles since I came to Brazil. I have been drawing mandalas for many years before that, often with similar structure as the crop circles but not so detailed, of course. My Guides tell me there are many in spirit form, many dimensions, other realities. But when I ask for more details, they laugh and tell me that I am not ready and when I am, I will be given the information. I might offer this advice to you as well. lol Keep asking, though, Bhaga, you questions force me to think. Love you! pat


      • I certainly don’t want my questions to force you to do anything you’d prefer not to do, or that your Guides advise you not to do.
        But these three questions at least are not complicated and don’t require much thinking at all: they only require searching a little your memory of the actual experience, and answering by a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to each of those questions, so I still will be happy as a researcher if at some point you do just that! LOL.
        My own Guidance tells me the Researcher in me has his/her usefulness and validity too, besides the Experiencer who takes almost all the place and the (much less strong) Doer, as long as the mental activity of the Researcher is kept at the service of the Spirit in me, for the purpose of:
        1) for myself, understanding the various spiritual experiences in a more precise and clear manner, to whatever extent possible, and
        2) for others, translating whatever can be expressed of the various spiritual experiences, in terms that may convey something of them to other people, and touch them or move them to try and get the experience themselves – or simply help them figure out a little of what is going on nowadays with that new step in terrestrial evolution.
        But that’s my Guidance, so if for you the Guidance is different, I will understand that perfectly well and not put questions to you any more.
        Love you too anyway, dear Pat… 🙂


      • Please feel free to ask all you wish. It is my payback for being the same way all of my life. I did send you an email with more detailed answers. If you wish to discuss it further, just let me know. I am delighted that you take such an interest. Your questions and input make my blog richer for you being here. Hugs, pat


      • Thank you, dear Pat, for the answers you are so kindly giving anyway to my questions this time, and in actually more detail than I dared expect…!


  3. Pat, I thought that I would return the visit and I am so glad that I did. Loved it all! And you’re right, a smile speaks the universal language. God bless and hugs to you too, Teresa


  4. I love your Rainforest New, Pat, and how you put images with all of your writings. Had to smile at the owl, both humorous and a somewhat true analogy of people…perhaps?!? I smiled also as I just posted a bit and my image has a different kind of owl.


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