Our Creator Is Amazing

Today Source of Inspiration has more than one million and fifty thousand “hits.” I started this blog seven years ago not knowing what a blog even was, never dreaming it would be read by every country on the globe, or even what poetry was all about. I only knew that I was being led to do this and so I began to set aside time every morning to sit quietly and see what came, thus the blog was born. I have never decided if the poems are based on what I need any particular day (which, of course, is true,) or if they were meant for you, my readers, (which of course is also true based on the outpouring of comments from you all.)

I am still being prompted to honor this commitment, so continue. Any time I think I have “finished” one of you will write and tell me how much a poem meant to you and how it helped you in just the way you needed, so I continue to obey and post each day.

I want to thank each of you for coming to Source of Inspiration and enjoying what Source is providing for us. Please feel free to reblog or share these poems as often as you feel led. You can help others in doing so. Also, I have found that I have much more traffic because I post every day around the clock. So reblogging the poems can also boost traffic on your blog.

Finally, these books are available on amazon.com and make great gifts for the holidays or a gift to anyone whom you think might be comforted by them.

Hugs, pat 

Share your thoughts if you wish.

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