Learning to Trust


Learning to surrender
To trust the process
Frees me from fear
Leaving serenity in its place


  1. Trust is such a fickle lady for me

    I can and have let go in the face of trauma and been extremely brave and trusting

    On the other hand, betrayal has stung deeply with a mate

    Seems trust dies in the midst of betrayal

    How do you handle betrayal and then trust


    • People betray, the Lord never betrays. I remind myself Who is always honest, faithful, and Who loves me unconditionally. When someone betrays me (and it has happened all too often as I am very trusting, gullible even) at first I feel betrayed, wounded, and then angry. What works for me is to remember that we all do wrong in thought, word, and deed. I then pray for forgiveness for my wrongs and the grace to forgive the person who betrayed my trust. I make a vow to pray for that person every day for at least 30 days. I have never had to do it for 30 days to find peace about the situation through God’s grace, but I still continue to pray for that person as long as I feel led to do so. Only you can decide how to be free of that feeling of betrayal and the untrust it generates, but the longer we hang on to these things, the more we suffer, not them. We forgive others to heal ourselves primarily. If withdrawal is how we deal with the situation, then we rob ourselves of other healthier relationships in the future. Poor choices often lead us down that path. We need to reflect as to why we choose that person and what signals could we have observed to avoid this shock. May our loving Creator grant you peace. May your mate understand what she has done and choose not to do this again. Hugs, pat


      • I was raised strict Catholic, my mother told me she talked to God, what her told her was how to manipulate and control us with fear and threats

        So God and I mean organized religion. Especially Catholics

        I went Catholic grade school and high school but can not understand how they protected and humiliated victims of pedophilia by priests

        I believe in doing no harm and definitely a higher power but not run by any man

        And I would ask the Lord why I was born into a father whose abuse was violent and constant

        I needed the Lord back then but I was a little boy and all Alone.

        Helpless and being damaged, my mind wired differently

        Fear and terror dominated each day.

        my nervous system and PTSD would haunt me the rest of my life.


    • Hi, Leslie, trust is a big issue for all of us. Trust in each other is sometimes betrayed but we must be patient with this. Trust in our Creator is also difficult at times but in the end, our faith in the love our Creator is what is important. hugs, pat


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