Don’t Pass It Down


Generational conflicts
hate passed down
never learning how to forgive
how to love
locked in cycles of forever
prisoners of our own design
unwilling to learn
how to break the repetition.
This does not have to be…
each person can choose.
What is your choice?


  1. You are wise again. Have you built on a wiseacre? Oh wait, that’s me, the joker’s wild. We hope to pass along the good and not the bad, but willy nilly we are who we are. Traumatic childhoods should not prevent us from being parents even if we are not always perfect. We deserve to be parents as much as those with less obstacles. I do try not to pass along the bad. My children will have the final say on that one. 🙂


  2. i am the victim of horrors so much so I dream about blood and gruesome murders, It is not me doing it but my childhood was a living hell.. the s/abuse was not as bad the other.. but I want to make people smile if I am silly


    • I notice that the people who ending up being the people I enjoy most are those who make me laugh. If you are able to bring joy to others in spite of a traumatic childhood, what a blessing that is. Good for you, keep sharing your happiness and it will continue to grow with you. Big hug, pat


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