The Peanut and Cow

You wouldn’t think
a peanut and cow
have anything in common,
but ask a three year old
for they know
nothing’s better than
milk ‘n peanut butter sam’wich
on a summer afternoon
beneath the spreading oak
that makes a snack a picnic.

Little peanut, big cow
are the same, you say?
How can that be?
Cows have legs, tail, milk,
calves, eat grass, and moo!

While this tiny peanut
has only a shell
with two seeds of life,
green leaves which grow
close to the ground.

Our bodies use the nut protein
to build tissue and bone so strong.
Same with the cow
who eats the plant and nuts
then gives us milk
with the protein we need.

Peanut, cow, a three year old child
all linked by the good Lord above.
These connections are found
again and again
if only we take the time to see.
There’s not much difference between
a peanut, or cow, and three year old child,
or even between you and me!


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