Full Moon Lunacy

Last night I was a little crazy
twirling in lunar madness
beneath the star-spangled sky.
I sang songs of love
and danced my dance
clothed in ringlets of
cascading hair.

Moon tides, menstrual cycles
changing seasons, seeds sprouting
flowers blooming, people dying,
mare giving birth to a tiny colt
in the quiet of the night.

I spread my arms
and spun once again,
dressed in moonlight
with stars in my hair.
Beams of light
strands of love
connected me to all
as I danced in the cool night air.


  1. This is very good! The moon can be quite captivating when it’s low in the sky. How your hair intermingled between moon beams too! I could just picture it all so vividly! So beautifully put; like the moon kept driving you on. The moon huh? I almost forgot it was there….’til now! Thanks Pat!
    Woof woof… Howoooo!


    • The femine energy of the moon calls all of us to call forth our femine nature of love, nurturing, Oneness. Do you make moon water, Sara? You can put a pitcher of pure water out in the light of a full moon and the water is infused with the femine energy. You can use the water as you are led to do. Hugs, pat


  2. I bayed at the moon, left an almond butter and honey snack for the fairies and enjoyed this special full moon and its beams!!!!


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