Ancient Tree

Oldest life on Earth,
trees have much wisdom
stored in their concentric circles of Love.
Silently they watch,
Mother Nature’s sentinels.

I place the child’s hands,
and whisper to hug the tree,
to listen to her heart beat.
The little girl presses her ear
to the tree and smiles with a child´s delight.

Hug her every day, I say,
and sit beneath her boughs.
She is your friend now,
you can tell her all,
tears and laughter she understands.

The children run from tree to tree,
giving and receiving love energy.
Trees shake their leaves,
nod in the breeze
and wonder why only children
know their mystery.

Where did we lose
this ability to believe
in things we can not see?
Why do we disdain imagination
and sniff, If it’s not real,
it’s not for me!

Why do we insist
animals don’t have souls,
trees can’t talk,
and the Earth is not a living entity.
We scoff mysticism as superstition,
replacing God with
sterile labs and petri dishes.

Let us return to simple truths
known by ancients and mystics
throughout all time;
open to other realities,
create possibilities,
releasing the power of our minds.


  1. I love this! It has such deep truth in its beautifully penned, poetic words. Yes, “Let us return to simple truths.” I’m with you! Trees, animals, earth … Let’s treasure them all! ❤


  2. I keep on learning to listen to silence reading this piece..Earth is indeed a living being and we should be careful and understanding. Thanks for sharing.


    • For me, silence is one of the most powerful spiritual tools I have. And when I am in the floresta and silent, I am given so much. There is indeed a Living Library all around us if we just pay attention. Thanks for visiting me! hugs, pat


    • Since time is collasping, the past, now and the future are with us. It is up to us to awaken to what has always been before us and within us, waiting for now. Thanks for your visit and comment, Kim. Hugs, pat


  3. oh Pat this is lovely! Just so beautiful! Is this for my Free Write Friday? If so, just post it in reply to Free Write Friday week one. OR you can submit this to FWF week two (imagination) as it works well for that too! 🙂 i love it!


  4. Awesome – I KNOW animals have souls, trees can talk and Mother Earth is indeed a living being … thank you for sharing! xoxox


  5. dear and divine….. trees are symbol of wisdom and sit down under the tree….silence is the language of communication ……huge the tree….and listen….love all..


    • Silence is the language of communication……beautifully put. More and more I am understand the value of silence as a spiritual practice. Thank you for your always beautiful comments.


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