What If…..

What if there were
no clocks, calendars,
schedules, appointments,
shoulds or should nots?

What if we lived more
simply, following our inner
cycles untampered by expectations?

Dreams become realities when
we base them in our hearts.
Stop rushing and let your days
evolve, opening slowly
petal by petal.


    • definitely but many are afraid to slow down, to be alone with their thoughts, fears, etc. seeking various ways to escape, most of which is destructive ultimately. I spent five years living alone in the jungle in Brazil…best gift I ever gave myself. Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you again. Hugs, pat

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      • I know there is great darkness in the world at this time and the media never tires of showing this. But there are also millions of people who are working to help humanity shift into a higher level of consciousness. Just look at the huge number of uplifting blogs, books in the bookstores, etc. that are there to help us make this shift. I have great faith in the power of the Light and our willingness to change. hugs, pat


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