To Kill or Not to Kill?


How casually we kill
an insect–squish, spray,
gone! But once I accepted
the idea that all life is
part of the Divine Matrix,
I have begun to understand
that each creature, plant,
being with life is part of
the web. Where do we draw the
line of which has “value?”

My rule is “not inside my house,”
yet it bothers me a bi to kill large
spiders, wasps, etc., that invade
my home. I do it for safety sake,
if I can’t get the creature outside
without killing it. But there is
a moment of regret that it has to
die for my comfort and safety.

Even eating gives me pause to think;
the food is from something living–
it must be to have value for my
body. Do I eat with gratitude to the
plant or animal who dies so that I may
live? How far does one carry this awareness?

I live inside a jungle teaming with a
huge variety of life. I have learned to
live in harmony with all for the most
part, yet I still maintain, “not in
my house!” Although even this rule is
flexible to a certain extent. And when
I do kill a crawly thing, though fear or
carelessness, I try to be aware that, to this
bug, life is desirable; it does not want to die.

Sometimes awareness, or gratitude
if it is food, is the best we can do.


  1. Yes Pat! Me too hesitate to kill such creatures since they too have their own life to live! But certain circumstances push me to kill them for the safety of others and myself toooo šŸ˜¦ See whenever an ant bites me I will take it by hand and drop it aside without doing any harm to it but if it was a mosquito I will kill it. What a crazy act!


  2. I have become an excellent bug and critter catcher, and within the last few months I have either caught or herded out of the house: Lizard, bat, tarantula, and, of course, numerous insects. Spiders I don’t even remove…they are quiet and keep to themselves in a corner for the most part. There has been no necessity to end any of these creatures lives. It may take a little more time and practice to choose life for our fellow earth inhabitants, , but I always try to think of it in terms of what if the shoe were on the other foot?


    • Good for you. Unfortunately, we have some spiders here that are poisonous and huge, so out they go, but there are cousin spiders who seem to multiply by the thousands. I draw the line at them covering my bed. They also bite. Other critters I put outside if possible but not all survive. More and more I grow in awareness of the importance of valuing all life. I live on a game preserve so it is at my attention always. May we all honor life. hugs, pat


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