The Best I Can


I am doing
the best I can.
Sometimes it
is not so good,
but it always
is the best I
can at the moment.

Can’t you love me
just as I am
for I am trying
hard to be the
best I can.


  1. Oh of course I can dear! You truly ARE an Inspiration Pat! People just adore you here! Don’t you know that? I always, always, look so forward to what you have to say, practically every day! That is, every day that you post something… I got nominated for an award, and I have to recommend ten sights (sites); yours, is one I have in mind :O)


    • Actually, I am loved beyond measure. The poems are about all of us for all of us experience these things at times in our lives. How blessed I am to have the love of many and also to love many. But when I was younger, I did feel as the poem describes and I know other people have felt this way, too. Thank you for your sweet comment. hugs, pat


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