Inappropriate Questions

Why am I the one who
is embarrassed when
someone asks a question
that clearly is none of
their business? I am
learning that silence is
often the best answer.
If they ask again, I smile
and say, “Why do you ask?”
Then, whatever their response,
I nod and say, “I see.” If
they still press the question,
I say, “I would rather not
answer that question.”

We need not be slaves to
other’s demands. Look
carefully at what you tolerate.


  1. Nice reminder, Pat. Thank you.
    (I’ve been out of town for a few weeks, but am back now and catching up on Life. I’ve enjoyed reading your poetry – – it’s a nice ‘pause’ between the monotony of the rest.)

    Love, Leslie


    • Amen, not only in communication but a wonderful tool in our spiritual explorations as well. Thanks, Harrrison, for your always thoughtful comments and presence here. Hugs, pat


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