Day’s End


The weariness of day’s end

is a sigh echoed by the wind.

We do the best we can

which is better some days

than others, then crawl

gratefully into our beds

for much needed rest.

Life continues even after

we’ve gone. Now I knew that,

but it really hit home when

I held my new godson and

realized that I may not

see him grown. It was odd…

this feeling that life

can and will go on and all

too soon I would be forgotten.

So, I hugged the baby close

and vowed to savor his sweetness

until I am gone and another

takes my place.


  1. I know what you mean, but still it is not entirely true to say “and another takes my place”. No one can ever take your place, or anyone else’s place. Each of us is unique and plays a unique role in which nobody else can replace her or him. And of course Life does go on, but is never exactly the same either…! Also, let’s not forget that we keep returning many times, although under different faces and names, so we’ll be part of it all again in the future too… That’s the beauty of it!!!


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