Fragrance of Love


The fragrance of love
floats in the air.
We have only to breathe in
its sweetness, to merge
with its healing harmony.
Breathe deeply, dear ones.
Let this love permeate
your soul, joining you
with the Divine Matrix of life.


  1. Reblogged this on THE NAKED TRUTH 2 and commented:
    A man’s man here. Dependant on his own hard work and resources, he sings his own tune. ‘It’s not that I don’t like people, I do, I just don’t like swarms of em.’ Who could argue?

    Along these lines, he has something in common with the Baptist, and the Lord, who after a day of human interchange, went at night to ‘the mount of Olives.’ The serenity and quiet of ‘nothing’ is a jewel so few know. I am glad for this man and his testimony to himself.

    Notice how he remembers his wife.


  2. One of the most poignant remnants of love is that of an innocent child. Unfettered with pretension they remind of purity, hope and faith. That is the greatness of youth, not total self-absorption which is nihilistic and self-serving. Worse it can spoil harmony and fulfillment.


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