The Simple Truth


Truth is not simple;
it is complex,
seldom easily decipherable,
often difficult to accept.

The world of illusion is
not black and white, but
rather mists of grey,
enshrouding absolutes
and morphing them into
shifting now-you-see-them,
now-you-don’t possibilities.
Beware of smiling faces
who beckon you down the path
of uncertainty, too often
leading away from illusive truths.


  1. Truth is always simple and plain, it’s never complex. The modern man has made it complex through his sophisticated theories and misinterpretations, a part of a big conspiracy to drive us away from the simple truth. Truth is divine and it always triumphs. Truth is the pure infinite resplendent SOUL which is made complex to perceive by the mind thickly surrounded by and entangled in ‘maya’ or illusion. The more we are outbound the more we go distant from it, and the more we are inbound and spiritually inclined, the more the chance to go nearer the truth. Those who take total refuge in the “eternal truth”, never fear of anything else in the universe including the mighty death. By the way, death is again a truth.


  2. Eleanor Roosevelt said:
    “Great minds discuss ideas;
    Average minds discuss events;
    Small minds discuss people.”
    You have a great mind! Thank you for sharing I find you poems very insightful and thought provoking.


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