No Failure, Just Try


Our successes and failure
are not the true measure
of our worth in life. It’s
the trying that matters.
It is the giving of heart
and effort that gives value–
the intention, determination,
making of sacrifices, the
willingness to take responsibility.

Step forward, dear ones, make
the effort with all of your
heart. Call the celestial realm
to your aid, and when you have
done your best, put the rest
into the hands of the Almighty,
knowing you gave your all and
that this is the true measure
of who you are.


  1. So beautiful! Love you dear mother. Hope you don’t mind addressing you as mother. We, most of the Indians find motherhood in every woman. It’s more of spiritual connection than physical or intellectual. I can say the words you write are coming from the core of your heart, not from the intellectual realm. it’s only possible for those who reached a very heightened state of spirituality. 🙂


  2. My Mummy used to say: ‘Shoot for the stars. You might just hit the moon!’ This is all worded very well, and completely understandable; I’m all revved up! You’ve got me going now! What a beautiful post! Emmm… Thank you! The picture is magnificent! Great Post dear one :O)


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