Homelessness of the Heart

divine matrix

Homelessness exists in many
ways, not just lost souls
hidden in doorways trying
to survive another day.

You can be homeless in
your heart, too. Empty
because you have no
spiritual center,
wandering through life
with little sense of who
you are, or where you belong,
existing without purpose
or cause.

We need spiritual families
to support and love us, to
teach us how to love and be
loved, to know the taste of
serenity and purpose, to be
all that we are meant to be.


Dedicated to my spiritual family both here physically and all of you across the globe whom I met virtually. I send each of you a big hug and much love and light.


  1. Proud to be part of your spiritual family, your spiritual center is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and poems with us. Pam


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