A Special Day

Today I woke-up eager
to start my day. There
is something so special
about this day! I look out
the window and see the
morning rays of sun
drifting through mists
hanging above the floresta.

Birds announce the start
of this unique day,
butterflies dance above
the dew-covered flowers.
I am happy to be alive
on this day like no other,
knowing now that all
of my days are special!


Submitted to Monday Poetry Potluck


  1. This is my first visit here…that I can remember, that is…and I find your writing refreshing and light. I see you often on Becca’s site and she speaks highly of you and I can see why. I will return to see more of what you have. Your piece here is what I needed today as living life can be somewhat challenging. Yes, every day can be Special. Thank You!


    • Hi, Renee,
      Nice to meet you. Isn’t Becca’s blog special! I save hers like a kid saving a piece of chocolate…my reward for finishing my writing here. I am glad you liked this poem. George Burns said at his 99th birthday celebration, “Well, I am glad to be here tonight…course, at my age, I am glad to be anywhere!” He had learned that every day is special. LOL And yes, living life can be “somewhat challenging” (now there is an understatement!!), but once I understood that life is about learning to love unconditionally (all lessons lead to this), then when I feel the day is difficult, I just keep asking, “OK, what am I supposed to learn here?” Takes me right out of the victim role and helps me get back on track. I am off to visit you and learn more about you. hugs, pat


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