Woman of the Floresta

woman in jungle3

Put me back
in the floresta;
my light is fading away.
The vampire city sucks
dry its victim’s soul
until it withers and
is blown away, like
an autumn leaf.

I am of the floresta.
Birds call my name.
Raindrops caress my
cheeks, my soul fills
the valley;
I am whole.


  1. This is truly good! Such a positive message too! I think there should be no ‘behind closed doors.’ I’d like to live with everyone openly romping and playing in the forest :O)


    • I loved the Ringing Cedars series about a woman named Anastasia who lived in the cedar forest in a remote area of Russia. If you have not read these books, you might enjoy them. It was eye opening for me in the many ways they showed how we can live in a more loving way of both nature and each other. hugs, pat


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