Women’s Altars

Across the world
women make sacred spaces
tiny candle-lit altars
tucked in limited spaces.
Protecting the family,
offering hope,
we build these
wee monuments to the Divine.

I wonder why our televisions
are bigger than our altars?


  1. Lovely Post Pat…
    Thank you for the beautiful posts and poetry you have offered us all year… Sending you much love, and Yuletide Blessings… Enjoy your Festivities… Love and Blessings Sue xox


    • I saw a photo book years ago of pictures of women’s altars and never forgot it. I have altars in my house and in meditation spots in the floresta. I love creating them and maintaining them. I love what happens to them in the floresta as I often put fruit on the altars there. One day next to a chair near an altar in the floresta I found very carefully placed seeds that I had been collecting whenever I could find them. I never found out which “nature spirit” so lovingly placed them there as I had never found those seeds anywhere near there before.


  2. Haha! Fantastic! Not just the sentiment, which in itself is beautiful, but there is something in the choice of words in both stanzas that arrests the attention. It’s the conversation that the last two lines is having with the rest of the poem that invites, personalises, pokes gentle fun at, laments. Very Nice.


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