Is Love Trite?

The word “love,” has become trite,
overused, even manipulative at times;
like the word “God,” which we fling
about with carelessness, or worse,
indifference. The saving grace is that,
while we may devalue these two words
with our misuse, their essence can
not be changed. God, Spirit, Source,
Creator…the list is endless as man
tries to express the Divine. Nothing
that we say, or do changes what this
infinite pulse of pure love energy is.
What it is, it always was and always will be,
unchangeable, in its essence, yet
paradoxically, constantly changing and

And what of love? you ask. Love is pure
Divine energy. It is what it always was,
and always will be. It is of the Divine,
therefore is a manifestation of God.
Love is.

When we are fully awakened to the
knowledge that we are part of this
Force we call “God, Spirit, etc.”
we will know that there is no separation.
We can not cut the baby in half, nor make war to
create peace. There are no acceptable divisions
of mankind…not the religions we practice, the
cultures of our countries, not social inequities of
money, power, education, birth status, gender. None!
All are illusions which keep the veil in place.

There is only One…that steady eternal pulse of
pure love energy, and we are that One, as inseparable
as a single cell within the Divine Body. To think
we are better than, or different from, another is
pure foolishness and folly. We are One, always have
been, and we always will be. Amen to that!


submitted to Poetry Palace


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